Yujimaru Sugumo is a supporting character in the He's Our Fallen Angel series. He is a self-proclaimed "Goth King", for the title matches his choice of attire and personal likes and dislikes. Yujimaru's one and only dream is to enter Shibuya, so that he can make the human citizens into his worthy emo subordinates.


He seems to be of average height, and might not be any older than 17. He has been noted for the incredibly dark circles that are under his eyes, as well as his sunken facial expressions. Yujimaru has dark red hair (dyed pink at the back) with uneven bangs and sky blue irides; he sometimes experiments with corpse paint. His attire consists of a purple zip-up hoodie that exposes his bony midriff, a flowing cape that he uses for the lower body, and ring-shaped wristbands that appear to act as handcuffs (for inexplicable reasons).

Yujimaru detests footwear and constantly walks around without sneakers or socks. When his feet are unprotected, it is revealed that the toenails are painted black and white on the right and left feet respectively.


Yujimaru can be best described as a "wangsty Goth misanthrope". He is susceptible to avoiding eye contact and only enjoys hanging around those whom possess the same characteristics and interests as him. A suicidal fellow, he even tends to moan and complain even when nothing is really bothering him at the moment. Whenever he talks, his speech patterns are heard as melodramatic, and he speaks in a gloomy tone that is most appropriate. His character was designed by Hiroshi Shiibashi as a response to the various Goth and emo stereotypes, either done mockingly or otherwise.

Occasionally, Yujimaru has shown signs of manic-depressive disorder, where he switches to a more borderline insane disposition should his emotions be toyed with. He seeks refuge in audacity by continually performing acts that are tasteless and the like; during Episode 11, Yujimaru established an organization with the purpose of spreading the "Goemo Message" everywhere in the Underworld, all while he and his group were chanting backwards rituals and singing off-key.


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  • His title in the Underworld is The Circle Phantom.