The Underworld is an area in the anime series, He's Our Fallen Angel, as well as the series' predominant setting. Home to all sorts of undead creatures (i.e. the ghosts, vampires, zombies, you name it) and idiosyncrasies, the atmosphere appears bleak and terrorizing, yet the bulk of the inhabitants are anything but. As a matter of fact, almost ALL of the Underworld's denizens showcase attitudes that are no different from your basic, run-of-the-mill human soul, and have been said to be quite well-meaning; arguably the only real threat around the place seems to be Vlad the Palest, but even he isn't fully antagonistic.

Incidentally, the Underworld is a "necropolis" consisting of various joints, many of which serve as tourist attractions or just for entertainment purposes.

Notable list of destinations (which make up this horror show.. or whatever. We don't care)Edit

  • Wasted Lite: a bar that is owned by Ren Ushikaze. For some strange reason, the whole building is inverted and, apparently, tricks the onlookers into thinking that the exterior is wider than it really should be.
  • Calamity Crypt: a catacomb filled to the brim with living mirrors, a hovering ghoul, and detached eyeballs. For centuries, the location has been considered abandoned.
  • The Clouds of Pop Culture: as its name suggests, it is an emporium constructed in the sky. The store includes goodies such as anime and manga, video games exclusively for the PC, and the like.
  • St. Thrash: shaped akin to a demented fortress, St. Thrash is a music festival that often depicts a multitude of heavy metal musicians performing and/or hanging around the arena. This is also the exact same locale where Atsui Daikon met Sakiko Obata.
  • Evil Door: the Evil Door certainly looks villainous and downright brutal, but it is also how immortals are able to truthfully enter the Underworld. The two guardians that stand near this portal decide on wherever or not someone who died can explore those parts; they usually do so via an "Injustice Pod".