Ren Ushikaze is a supporting character in the He's Our Fallen Angel series. He is the unofficial barkeep in the Underworld's tavern, Wasted Lite: his unnamed mother was the actual mixologist until she was banished. From time to time, Ren likes having discussions with Atsui Daikon whenever he is alone.


Appearing to be a man in his late 20s, Ren has a slightly muscular build. His scruffy hair contains a reddish color at the top, and somewhat of a blondish hue at the bottom. He is seldom seen without his eyes fully opened, but when he feels obligated to reveal them, the irides are depicted as purple whilst his pupils are a bit rectangular - thereby striking a resemblance to that of a sheep's. His choice of attire is a matching black suit with a green undershirt, white, fingerless gloves, and indigo dress sneakers. Whenever Ren becomes flustered or enraged, which is a rare occurence unto itself, horns sprout from the sides of his head; said horns are akin to a European bison's.


Ren is a barkeeper who typically presents himself as a calm, patient man who secretly finds his job lackadaisical, but performs the duty anyway because of his mother's wishes (that and he's obviously devoted to her). Often the approachable type, he is willing to strike up otherwise irrelevant conversations with Atsui and his two friends whenever he isn't being overwhelmed by his work, though he mainly likes speaking to the former if he's by his lonesome just for "the thrill of it". His good looks have earned him many female admirers month after month, but Ren shoots their advances down because he wants to be devoted to his mother in spite of the latter's exilement. Although he's almost always composed, he tends to fly off the handle anytime he sees Tsunobue Tansho messing around, and is quick to throw him out of his bar.


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  • His title in the necropolis is A Bison with Zero Intent.