Moldova the Iridescent (née Misao Daikon) is a recurring character in the He's Our Fallen Angel series. She appears very late during the first season, forcing her ex-husband, Dracul the Rejected, back into confinement via the Dilapi-up penitentiary. In the second season of the anime, she finally reveals to Atsui Daikon that she is his long-forgotten mother, which would also make Vlad the Palest and Lucy the Ironic her stepchildren.




Born Misao Daikon, Moldova the Iridescent is the official mother of Atsui and formerly Darui's bride. Living in Tokyo, she gave birth to her child on October 30 during a day plagued with stormy weather. Growing up, Atsui had always assumed that his parents were more concerned with everything and everybody else around them rather than they were him; having reunited with her child after what seemed like many years in Double, Moldova deeply laments her status as a caretaker, and wanted the desire to spend more time with the Daikon boy (unlike Darui). When Atsui was barely a 2-year-old and finally learned to walk, both Moldova and Darui were suffered from an enigmatic illness which eventually led to their passing away.

While her first husband was taken to the void, Moldova was accepted into the Underworld, which was where she met Dracul the Rejected and eventually married the vampiric creature. The good relationship between these two was unfortunately short-lived when Moldova found out that Dracul had slaughtered non-vampires and even the woman he was with before her; said female, who went unnamed, gave birth to Vlad the Palest and Lucy the Ironic.

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