Kurotabe Inukida is a supporting role in the He's Our Fallen Angel series. The residents of the Underworld have mentioned that he is, by far, the oldest figure, though his very youthful appearance says otherwise. While he is otherwise human, Kurotabe is akin to the rest of his wealthy family in that they all possess canine traits.


He is perhaps the eldest citizen to have ever lived down in the Underworld (rumored to be over 500,000 years old), but this can be clearly overlooked because of how childish Kurotabe seems to be from a physical standpoint. While he might be a little diminutive stature-wise, he also hides a well-toned body. He has medium-length brown hair tied back into a ponytail, dark blue eyes, and a noticeably long tongue that protudes from his lips. Kurotabe's attire consists of a silver, open trenchcoat over a black shirt and white pants. Partially because of his dog-like characteristics, he prefers being barefooted.


In terms of disposition, Kurotabe is a typically sweet-tempered creature who can be unbelievably calm, in spite of his fervent adoration for chew toys. More often than not, he can display moments of disrespectful behavior, which includes: defecating on the Underworld's grounds, slobbering on anybody he pleases, or outright eating someone's food - sometimes right in front of them! Fortunately, a part of his infrequent mood change is justified: he becomes more excitable around any activities or nearby objects that run-of-the-mill dogs would find amusing.


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Notable interestsEdit

  1. His pasttimes include: chasing large vehicles, the taste of human food, destroying any leash he comes across, and incessant yapping.
  2. Kurotabe seems to love just about any delicacy; on top of canned dog food, he'll devour goodies that appear to be past their expiration dates, as well as chocolate, since he is already in the Underworld.
  3. He admires going to locations that possess a huge amount of space and little to no regulations.
  4. The people that he acts kind towards the most consist of: Atsui Daikon, Junkaku Tamazori, Yujimaru Sugumo, and his deadbeat owner.
  5. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Kurotabe believes that the only music he can firmly adore is "the sound of furry buddies barking until oblivion".
  6. Films, no matter how long or short, are his #1 pet peeve: somebody in his clan once took him to a theater which screened a movie that involved dogs committing genocide.

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  • Kurotabe is known among the Underworld's residents as The Mongrel That is Shrouded.