Kazuya Nakai (born November 25, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor. Affiliated with Aoni Production, his
notable credits consist of: Karasu and Noein (Noein: To Your Other Self), Tres Iqus (Trinity Blood), Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara), Ryūji "Bon" Suguro (Blue Exorcist), Roronoa Zoro (One Piece), Mondo Ōwada (Danganronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair), Sainglain (Ixion Saga DT), Jan Valentine (Hellsing), Toshirō Hijikata (Gin Tama), Shizuka and Haruka Dōmeki (xxxHolic), Yajirō Kojima (Grenadier - The Senshi of Smiles), Wakka (Final Fantasy X), Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise), and Kokutō (Bleach: Hell Verse). He provided the voice of Kyōkaku in the anime television series He's Our Fallen Angel.

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