I Told You I'm Not a Freaking Angel! I'm a Human! is the very first episode of the anime television series He's Our Fallen Angel, directed by Akira Amemiya and produced by Studio Trigger.

I Told You I'm Not a Freaking Angel! I'm a Human!Edit

  • Episode: One
  • Season: One
  • Original airdate: February 2, 2014

Theme songEdit

  • Opener: "Glory Days" by Flow
  • Closing: "Renatus" by Eufonius

Episode guideEdit


After having committed suicide due to the effects of an enigmatic letter, 15-year-old student Atsui Daikon now finds himself in a "necropolis", which is actually the Underworld. He has to come to grips with his new surroundings.

Episode plotEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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