He's Our Fallen Angel Double: Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack record for the television anime series He's Our Fallen Angel Double, the second season of the original show; both were animated by Studio Trigger. Similar to the past season, Hideki Naganuma composed the music for Double under the Skankfunk name. The OST was released through Sony Music Entertainment on March 28, 2016. Unlike the last soundtrack, Double's features the opening and ending themes used for the anime, albeit in a TV-size format.

Track listingEdit

Disc AEdit

  1. "Milestone (Opening Mix)" (performed by Nothing's Carved in Stone)
  2. "Black Magick Tactics"
  3. "Enka Breakdown"
  4. "Shibuya and Necropolis"
  5. "Punk Land"
  6. "This Is Just Wonderful"
  7. "The Good Juju"
  8. "No Shovin', Only Pullin'"
  9. "X Out the Fountain of Youth"
  10. "Form Al Luh T"
  11. "Homies Gonna Love"
  12. "Getting Pictures and Seeing Images"
  13. "Doin' the Gazelle"
  14. "Play Them Off, Inukida"
  15. "A Thirst for Vibes"
  16. "Coulda Shoulda Woulda Never"
  17. "Welcome to Homeland Idiocy"
  18. "B.R.A.T."
  19. "Karma Drama 2"
  20. "In Vitro"
  21. "Cliche Shitstorm"
  22. "Police Fragility"
  23. "Hatred Mixed With Free Drinks"
  24. "Quiet Blame Game"
  25. "Monochrome (Ending Mix)" (performed by Kalafina)

Disc BEdit

  1. "Wings Flap (Opening Mix)" (performed by L'Arc~en~Ciel)
  2. "The Kuzugara Group"
  3. "Odd Toccata Poeia"
  4. "Hands All the Way Up!"
  5. "Fuccboi's Strut"
  6. "Keep It Simple"
  7. "Le Switcheroo"
  8. "Manga Cabinet"
  9. "Negative Power Meets Flesh"
  10. "Brew Tal Luh T"
  11. "Jazzy Artist"
  12. "Love Locked & Loaded"
  13. "Death Metal Gal"
  14. "Volcanic Time"
  15. "Alliance Found In the Giant"
  16. "Iridescence and the Daikon Boy"
  17. "Portraits With Style"
  18. "Air Offensiveness"
  19. "Knock 'Em Dead, Atsui!!"
  20. "Cowbell Spleen"
  21. "Where the Questions At?"
  22. "Harmony Strikes Again"
  23. "Ascending Angel Kid"
  24. "Mai Gene! (Ending Mix)" (performed by Yumemiru Adolescence)
  25. "Yuuki mo Ai mo Nai Nante" (performed by NICO Touches the Walls)


  • Released: March 28, 2016
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Label: Sony
  • Producer: Skankfunk

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