He's Our Fallen Angel Double (彼は私たちの堕天使だダブル Kare wa Watashi-tachi no Daten-shida Daburu; commonly shortened to Karetachi Daten-shida Daburu) is a Japanese anime television series and functions as the sequel to the original He's Our Fallen Angel anime. Although produced by Trigger as was the case previously, Akira Amemiya will not be Double's director; one of the studio's co-founders, Hiroyuki Imaishi, has been confirmed to take his position.


Continuing from where the last season left off, the mayor of the Underworld, Vlad the Palest, has made amends with Atsui Daikon, his two closest companions, and the other inhabitants of the "necropolis" after Dracul the Rejected's second incarceration. Similar to the previous season, He's Our Fallen Angel Double is mostly centered on Atsui, Sakiko Obata, and Genma Taniguchi as this zany trio embark on new, crazier misadventures while avoiding the presence of a new evil in the process.


  • Name: 彼は私たちの堕天使だダブル (Kare wa Watashi-tachi no Daten-shida Daburu)
  • Genre: Comedy, Supernatural



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