He's Our Fallen Angel is a 2014 anime television series created and produced by Studio Trigger. The series, which was directed by Akira Amemiya and written by Kento Shimoyama, follows 15-year-old Atsui Daikon, a boy who unintentionally commits suicide upon coming in contact with an enigmatic letter and is sent to the Underworld. He later befriends two of the "necropolis"' most-known residents who also died under unique conditions, and the three go on various mis-adventures throughout the destination itself.

He's Our Fallen Angel originally aired on Tokyo MX between February 2 and July 13, 2014, although it was also syndicated on the AT-X, TVA, and CBC channels. Aniplex began releasing the series through DVD and Blu-ray in Japan beginning on May 15, 2014. Original character designer Hiroshi Shiibashi produced the box artwork for each himself. North American company FUNimation has licenesed the series for a simulcast and home video release.

Home mediaEdit


Volume Episodes Artwork Bonus disc Release date
Blu-ray DVD
1 1-3 Atsui Daikon Atsui Daikon Drama CD May 15, 2014
2 4-5 Sakiko Obata Atsui & Sakiko "Necrogallery" June 13, 2014
3 6-8 Genma Taniguchi Genma, Kurotabe, and Atsui Making-of Documentary July 18, 2014
4 9-10 Junkaku Tamazori Atsui, Junkaku, and Sakiko Drama CD August 16, 2014
5 11-12 Yujimaru Sugumo Yujimaru & Hayato Making-of Documentary September 19, 2014
6 13-18 Hagire Jakushita & Dokueki Hagire, Dokueki, Ren, and Atsui Drama CD October 17, 2014
7 19-24 + OVA (25) Vlad the Palest & Lucy the Ironic Atsui, Sakiko, and Genma OVA November 14, 2014


Volume Episodes Release date
Volume 1 1-12

January 20, 2015

Volume 2 13-24 + OVA (25) May 26, 2015

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