He's Our Fallen Angel: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for the anime television series He's Our Fallen Angel, produced by Trigger. Scored by Skankfunk, who is well-known for his compositions on video games such as Jet Set Radio, the double album was released through Aniplex on July 9, 2014. Each disc contains 16 tracks, including 4 vocal songs; none of the anime's opening or closing themes appear on the album, at the label's behest.

Track listingEdit

Disc AEdit

  1. "Down in the Underworld"
  2. "Upsettin' My Peace"
  3. "Undead, but Still Alive on the Inside"
  4. "Subjective Tombstones"
  5. "Trajuh-D"
  6. "The Mum Dance"
  7. "What's It to Ya?"
  8. "Pull Da Chain" (featuring vocals by Sphere of Influence)
  9. "His Femimine Charm"
  10. "Nights Like These"
  11. "Karma Drama"
  12. "A Slave to the Grave"
  13. "Freakshow"
  14. "I Like 'Em Infamous"
  15. "Vampires were Blessed to Suck" (featuring vocals by Shihoko Hirata)
  16. "Ms. Party Animal"

Disc BEdit

  1. "The Answer Is Near the Bar"
  2. "Evil Door to Heroic Boy"
  3. "Xeric Lyrix"
  4. "Ripper"
  5. "Zahm-B"
  6. "Breath Less"
  7. "Maggotman" (featuring vocals by Shihoko Hirata)
  8. "I Lack H8"
  9. "Ghost of No Chance" (featuring vocals by Yō Yamazaki)
  10. "Nobody Puts Cat in a Cradle"
  11. "Funkadeliamania"
  12. "Downhill"
  13. "Peeper by the Dozen"
  14. "Warriorsome"
  15. "Skelerock"
  16. "Our Favorite Degenerate"


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