Hagire Jakushita is a supporting role in the He's Our Fallen Angel anime television series. Rarely seen without her pet snake, Dokueki, Hagire is a no-nonsense woman who hardly (if at all) hesitates to reprimand anyone who possesses outlandish traits, which basically goes for a majority of the Underworld's residents!


She is a woman said to possess a voluptuous figure and, to everybody's amazement, happens to have the tallest stature in contrast to the rest of the location's people; Genma Taniguchi, however, wins the award for maintaining the largest body. Hagire has orange eyes, and has also been noticed by her full lips. She wears rather outdated clothing, particularly armour with origins from the feudal era: her most prominent attire consists of shackle armour adorned by various Japanese symbols that relate to war, mail gauntlets, and studded chain socks. She hides her flowing, black hair under an oversized forehead protector.


Hagire sees everything pragmatically and often acts resolute, if a bit on the cold-hearted side. She disapproves of anything bizarre or chaotic, typically being the one to admonish and, to an extent, physically abuse those that fit this specific bill. As a matter of fact, her sternness is great enough to paralyze even the most threatening of beasts and troublemakers alike. Hagire has a peculiar habit of sneaking up on anybody that dares to act foolish, which by itself is ironic given her natural dislike of flippancy. When intensely agitated, she becomes more distant, especially when one takes the time to compare her to someone like Yujimaru Sugumo.

Despite her overall seriousness, she is not without humor, and normally has a penchant for telling archaic jokes that the Underworld's citizens seem to either groan at or appear indifferent. It must also be mentioned that her only true companion is Dokueki, who seemed to be by her side since childhood.


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  • Hagire's title is Wickedness of a Withering Snake.